Your social media icons will display once you add your social media URLs in the backend. 

If you are looking for her to embed your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram feed on your website, please visit the following support guides:


Please contact support@brixwork if you would like to install a widget to your website!

How to edit your Social Media Links

1.- To update or link a new social media account on your Brixwork website, go to your backend and click on "Settings", and after that go to "Social" (sixth section)

2.- Once you are in the Social Media Setting section you can enter your Social Media URLs and additional information like e.g. whether you want a widget for sharing or for liking on Facebook:

Make sure to hit "Save" before exiting the page!


For a brokerage websites with individual agent social profiles enabled, you can set the URL for each agent’s social media. 

1.  To update or link a new social media account for a agent, go to your backend and click on "Manage People", and go to "Agents"

2.  You will then see a list of all of the agents with the brokerage. Find the appropriate agent that you would like to add the social media links for and select "Edit"

3.  Once you are in the edit section, select "connect". Here, you will be able to provide agent social media URLs. 


Make sure to hit "Save Agent" before exiting the page!

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