Apart from the images that you can embed into the text content of a page directly, most Brixwork website pages have one main image area designated. 

In order to maintain a clean & professional look, the main image will have a pre-set dimension and is a part of the page design.

Different pages will have different image designs including: 

  • Wide landscape image at the top of the page 
  • Tall portrait image throughout the page 

1. Landscape Image

For example, each page under the communities section for The Ameen Group has a main image that goes across the top of the page. This image has a pre-set dimension of 1592 x 561 pixels at all times making it consistent across pages. 

2. Portrait Image

On the other hand, some pages will have a portrait size image pre-set. For example, the about page for Hossein Pejman has a portrait image with the pre-set dimensions of 640 x 640 pixels. 

Please review the support articles below for common how to's: 

1. Update top or main image

2. Change agent's image

3. Change main images of listings

4. Change add a gallery of images to you building

How do I change the image dimensions? 

You are not able to change the dimensions of images. Since the image dimensions are a critical element of the design and page layout, it is important the dimensions are thoughtfully chosen. 

If you do require dimension changes, please contact the Brixwork team by sending us a request through "New support ticket" at the top of this page.