An exclusive addition for Realtors® that are directly working with the developers on a new presale - a module to show a presale showroom location and map is one of our latest add-ons. 

This innovative add-on counts with the following features: Showroom Location, Showroom map can be shown or hidden, showroom hours.

Please note - The presales showroom add-on is not coded along with the base buildings module. If you are interested in this Add-on for your Brixwork website, send us an email to

How to Add a Showroom to your building

1.- First, go to your buildings in your backend. Click the "Edit" button on the building you would like to add a showroom to.

2.- Go to the new "Showroom" tab in the Edit this Building page.

3.- Fill the blank fields with information about the Showroom. Once you have input all the information, click "Save B" at the bottom of the page. You can update or edit this information anytime!