For most pages that are displayed in the menu bar, the title in the actual page will be the same as how it appears in the menu. But sometimes it will be different. The latter is the case here:

In the Menu Bar, the title for this page is displayed as "About" ... 

But once you are on the page the title displays as "Discover Olympic Village!"

In the following steps, we will show you how to change the Menu Title and the Page Title.

1.- First go to your backend, and then go to "Manage Pages", then "Content Pages"

2.- Once you are on your "Content Pages" section, find the page you want to change the title of.

3.- Once you are in the "Edit" section of your page you will notice at the top two fields, one saying "Title of Page" and another one saying "Menu Label". As you may assume, the Menu one is to change the title of the page in the Menu, and the Title of Page will change the title of the page.

4.- Go ahead and change them! And don't forget to click on "Save Changes" at the bottom!

5.- You will see the changes reflected on your website right away. If you don't see the changes, please refresh the page!