Facebook tracking pixels are essential for tracking on-site behaviour, especially if you are running Facebook ad/posting campaigns.

To generate the Facebook tracking pixel code, please refer to this support article by Facebook (please note that Brixwork does NOT provide tech support on 3rd party platforms, and we can only assist in embedding & enabling the generated code on our real estate websites).

For any other 3rd party platforms pixel, refer to their support articles.

Once you have the code ready, please log into your Brixwork website back-end, and navigate to Settings -> Tracking.

Paste the tracking code into the "Head Tracking Javascript" section, and save the changes. Note that you can have more than one tracking code there - you an add more below another tracking item (make sure to give it a few line breaks)

Keep in mind that some platforms can ask for the code be placed on body top or footer rather then the head. Check their documentation to ensure where to proper place it.