BRIXWORK websites have always been built with SEO Optimization in mind. We want each Realtor to get the best out of their website. We often get asked for tips on how to improve the SEO of websites. Perhaps the best place to start is to improve the Meta of your existing content!

Meta Descriptions and Titles are usually those that are reflected on Google when your website appears as a result. See the following picture as an example:

In this Solution page, we will focus on how to improve the Meta of your Content Pages. For information on how to improve the SEO of a specific Listing page, please look at How to do SEO for your Listings

How To 

Take control of your SEO for your Content Pages

Hint: (go to your Backend!)

Here's how you can take control of your SEO:

Log in to your Brixwork backend, go to 'Manage Your Pages', and select 'Content Pages'

Choose the Page you want to edit, and click on 'Edit' on the right

You will see this page. Go to the SEO tab.