If one of your buildings has multiple sub-buildings with different addresses (e.g. A Complex). From your BRIXWORK backend, you can easily add extra sub-buildings. 

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. From the backend, go to the "Manage Building".

2. From there you can see all your buildings. Choose the one you would like to attach the sub-building to and click on "Edit".

3. Once you're on the main building's page, on the "Address" tab, you will find at the bottom a section called "Attach Sub-Buildings". Write in the box the address of the sub-building you would like to add and click on the magnifier button.

4. A list of addresses will appear underneath the box. Click on "Attach" to the address you want to add to this building.

5. Don't forget to click "Save Building" at the bottom, or you sub-building won't be saved!

There you go!

Now your main building will have a sub-building attached to it.