When there is a software update, you need to ensure that your browser is downloading a new copy of the files that sit on www.brixwork.com. The easiest way to do this is to force a full-reload on your browser. Otherwise, the functionalities of your website will not be available 100%, and will cause many problems. 

To perform a hard refresh, you must first open the page in question. This could be one of your content pages, or a section of your Admin interface where you manage your site. 


On Windows:

Hold down the CTRL key while you click the refresh button. 
CTRL + F5 (hold down the CTRL key and press F5)


On a Mac:

Command+R (hold down the CTRL key and press F5)

You will have to do this for each section when a new software version is released (roughly 1~3 times per month).

You may have to repeat this step for different sections of the website (i.e. if we update the Content Pages user interface, as well as the Pages user interface at once, you will have to do this once per each section).