Chat widgets are a great way to help clients connect with businesses quickly and with ease. Brixwork websites make it easy for 3rd party widgets to be added to the back-end by the user. 

Here are some chat widgets to explore: 

Please note: These are NOT provided by Brixwork - all widgets are 3rd party providers. Different chat widget providers will have different price tiers and functions. Be sure to explore the best option for you and your team! If you are looking for a free option that can quickly be installed by you, check out the Facebook Chat Widget. Follow the instructions step by step to easily install the code to your back-end. 

How to add the code into your Brixwork websites back-end

Follow these steps once your 3rd party providers have given you the chat widget code to be added to your website.

Step 1:  Log into your Brixwork back-end and select "settings"

Step 2: Select "Tracking settings" 

Step 3: Follow the instructions provided by the 3rd party provider on where to place the code. Paste the code into the appropriate box: "Footer Javascript" or "Head  tracking Javascript" and press "Save & Next" to enable your chat widget on your Brixwork website. 

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