Mailchimp integration to your website can be a useful tool to connect with your potential leads through email marketing and maintain contact to your clients through campaigns and updates.

This also saves you a lot of time as all leads generated from your Brixwork website will automatically be entered into a Mailchimp list of your choice. 

In order to enable Mailchimp, you will need to get your API key first. Here are the following steps to find your API key:

These instructions were written on 2020-05-12, and Mailchimp’s integrations may change. Please refer to the Mailchimp instructions below if the following does not work.

  1. Login to your Mailchimp account 

  2. Go to your Mailchimp account and click on it for a drop down menu - click on ACCOUNT

  3. Go to EXTRAS - then from the drop down menu, click API KEYS

  4. Under YOUR API KEYS - you can either COPY AND EXISTING KEY or click CREATE A KEY and copy that new key

Once you have copied your API Key from Mailchimp, it is time to paste that code into the backend of your website. Here are the steps how to add your API Mailchimp key to your website : 

  1. Login to your Brixwork website’s back-end (/admin)

  2. Go to SETTINGS 

  3. Click on the CONTACT SETTINGS tab


  1. In API KEY, you will paste your API Key that you copied from your Mailchimp Account 

  2. Under LIST, click on your desired list option and complete the following tabs to your liking (First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Message)