The Facebook Chat widget for business pages is a new plugin launched by Facebook to help customers connect with businesses with more ease. 

Here at Brixwork, we believe this is one of the most powerful tools you can have on your website, so we made a quick move to standardize this to allow easy installation with our version 4.472 upgrade. 

The framework code is already enabled on our Brixwork core system - all you have to do is the following:

  • Enable your Facebook Business page (and set one up if you don't have one already!)
  • Add your website URL to whitelist (otherwise, anybody can add a chat widget to your Page, on any website!)
    • These instructions were written on 2019-01-24, and Facebook's User Interface may change. Please refer to the Facebook instructions above if the following does not work.
    • To do this, visit your Facebook business page as the page admin,
    • Go to SETTINGS,
    • Go to Messenger Platform,
    • Add your website URL with http:// and/or https:// 
  • Get the chat widget code
    • On the same screen, 
    • Go to Set Up Customer Chat
    • Set up your greeting text and other miscellaneous settings. 
    • Copy the code snippet which contains your page ID. 

  • Paste it to the Settings tab, under Tracking
    • Log into your Brixwork website's back-end (/admin),
    • Go to the SETTINGS page and hit the TRACKING tab,
    • Go to the Footer JS section (bottom), and paste in the snippet that begins with <!-- Your customer chat code -->
    • SAVE!

If these steps do not turn on the Chat plugin for you, please send us an email at