When updating your website, sometimes the old version will continue displaying on your phone after the update.  This is caused by your phone caching websites you visit frequently so it can load the page faster and use less mobile data.  It's a helpful feature but can hide your updates for a few days.  We are able to manually erase the cache to force the phone to load the updated website in the following ways:

* Clearing your cache will log you out of any websites you are currently logged in to.

iPhone/iPad (Safari)

1. Open Settings

2. Select Safari

3. Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data

4. Confirm Clear History and Data

iPhone/iPad/Android (Chrome)

1. Open Chrome

2. Select the Menu at the top right

3. Select Settings

4. Select Privacy

5. Select Clear Browsing Data

6. Select Clear the Cache and Cookies, Site Data

7. Select Clear


1. Open Chrome

2. Touch Menu

3. Scroll down and select Settings

4. Select Privacy

5. Select Cache and Cookies and Data

6. Select Delete


1. Open Settings

2. Select Apps (or Applications)

3. Select your web app

4. Select Storage

5. Select Clear Cache

After clearing your cache, visit your website again and you'll be able to see the updated version.