In today's market, social media can make or break a career. It may seem tedious or never-ending but if you take advantage of the opportunity that it provides to market yourself and your career, it can make a huge difference.

One of the benefits of having a healthy dose of social media exposure is that it can emphasize what a person does for a living by establishing an identity for yourself. It is an opportunity to put your career in simpler, less professional terms that clients are willing to identify with and trust. It helps to have your name viewed by them in a number of places in the context of their own social media life.

Also, the more links that lead back to your website, the better. Social media can boost the ranking of your website for certain keywords. By sharing individual listings by geographic query (i.e. Condos in Downtown Vancouver) there are more distinct links back to your webpage and listings. 

Perhaps the best benefit of social media is it's free advertising! It is a convenient, easy to manage, FREE advertising platform that allows for a dialogue between you and your clients.