Twitter offers an easy Twitter widget that can be embedded into your real estate website. 

If you are an active Twitter user, and want to take advantage of this feature, two things are required:

  • Your Brixwork website must be designed/configured to have a section designed for a Twitter feed of your choice (this is generally a billable upgrade, as we need to re-organize the footer or a page code and layout)
  • You must have access to the Twitter account you wish to publish on your website. 

Create Your Twitter Widget

To generate the Twitter Widget code, please refer to Twitter's instructions on how to create a new widget here (Brixwork does NOT provide tech support for 3rd party modules - we can only help with working with generated code)
Once you have the code saved & ready to embed, keep the copy safe. 

Enter The Code Into BRIXWORK Back-End

Then, copy-paste it to the Twitter widget code in the Brixwork Admin section (Settings -> Social -> Twitter Widget Code). 


If your website is NOT yet configured to have a Twitter feed slot, you need to request an upgrade (billable labour) to enable this feature.