If you own a domain (i.e. www.kenstef.com) you can have email addresses attached to the domain (such as info@kenstef.com), with any email cloud you prefer. 

Choosing the right email cloud for your domain is important for a smooth running business. Brixwork uses Google Workspaces, and that is our top choice for our Realtors & brokerages as well. 

Google Workspaces used to be called G-Suite, Google Apps before that. They are one and the same - just better every year!

Google workspaces is more than just an email cloud - it provides a full business solution.

  1. Gmail - Your trusted & easy-to-use Gmail interface delivered to your own private domain email!

  2. Calendar - Manage your schedule from all your devices, backed up on the cloud, with ease. 

  3. Contacts - No more "how do i move my contacts from my old phone to new?" - centralized contact cloud means you never lose a lead again.

  4. Drive - Spreadsheets & docs can be stored & organized online for easy access. You can also create folders, and store all your listing/client files, and sync them to your desktop. Use it like a local drive, with the peace of mind of having it backed-up on the cloud.

  5. Easy sync to iPhones/Androids/iPads/Laptops/Desktops - With browser based access as well as dedicated mobile apps, connecting to all the above services is easy.

Other alternatives to Google Workspace email:

  • Microsoft Exchange cloud
  • GoDaddy's SecureEmail service
  • ZOHO email
  • PrivateEmail by NameCheap etc. 

It's up to each client to compare & choose the right email provider and the suitable package you need. Brixwork is not affiliated with, nor provides any support for, any email services.

Brixwork does not provide any email services on our servers or on the AWS environment, because self-hosted emails are a terrible idea on all fronts including security, maintenance costs, and quality.