When you are looking for a specific home or office location, you'd use the address. Just like that, a domain is the address finding tool. A domain on its own is useless - it's merely a pointer, just like the house number pieces stuck to the entrance of your house. Without what's inside the house, the number by itself is meaningless. 

Each domain should be configured to route to a specific server, or multiple servers, depending on the exact query. 

For example:

  1. www.brixwork.com refers to our actual web server where we host our website, as well as our clients' websites. 
  2. support.brixwork.com refers to the desk.com servers, our service provider for our tech support centre for our clients. 
  3. @brixwork.com (emails) refers to the Google Apps server, which hosts our emails. 

The way we configure our Realtor® clients' websites is very similar to the above scheme. 

When an end-user types in your domain, they should be referred to the server where we contain your website contents (design, code & data). This is a very simplified diagram of how this process works: